Newsletter – August 2019

West Dorset Badminton League (WDBL) have had to increase team entry fees due to a financial deficit last season.  This was due to a loss from the end of season presentation evening.  They are also looking for a secretary and a tournament secretary, to keep the league running in its current format. If anyone is in a position to help please speak to Kim or Bob for further details.

The end of season evening was very poorly attended and WDBL would like some suggestions on what format this should take in future to encourage people to attend.  N entry fee. ideas can be passed on and I think would be much appreciated. The WDBL tournaments should continue with individual clubs taking on the running of each tournament, there will be an increase to £8.00 per person.

The Poole league has changed the mixed format following the AGM which voted 8 to 3 in favour of revising the structure to 4 divisions consisting of 5 teams each playing twice at home and twice away.  We will then have 16 match nights which should be of a more similar standard of play.  The result is 2 extra matches in the Poole league.

Match nights will continue to be Thursday for home matches.  Courts have been booked for 7.45 using all 3 courts at the start of the match, so if you are playing please ensure you arrive on time.

From September club nights will be on 3 courts.  We hope this will result in people having more games and not having to sit out for so long.   Please remember to speak to us if you are sat out too long or end up playing with the same people each game.  We do our best, but it is not an easy task so your help and patience is always appreciated.

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